Social Responsability


In response to the 7.8 earthquake that struck Pedernales on the Ecuadorian coast on April 16, 2016, Jhomana Guesthouse and its owners, together with the foundation ”It’s About Kids” are helping to rebuild.

We have connected with a community of 5,000 people called Coaque , located about 20km south of the epicenter. With rebuild we dont just mean rebuild the buildings, we also want to rebuild the community, families and the hope for a good future. More information about this project you find here: Its about Kids – Man Of Peace


During more than 10 years Jhomana Guesthouse and its owners have supported an orphanage just 15 min walk away from Jhomana. This orphanage is for street kids, girlsbetween 0-18 years old, allthough most of them are between 3-14 years old. They are considered orphans until finding their families, if they have one. Jhomana helps out with donations mainly before school starts. Guest are more than welcome to donate or if you wish, we can also take you there with or without donations. Every year on 24th of December we also through a Christmas party for the 80 youngest kids.

Thanks to our social responsability we have been awarded several awards from e.g Tripadvisor, STA Travel, the Mayor of Quito. In order to recieve these awards there are many things you have to consider. In our case, before applying for these awards, we allready did everything in our power to treat the environment good. E.g. we always try to find all our suppliers in the near area, we have a big recycling station and we dont use any dangerous cleaning supplies like chemicals or other dangerous liquids, in fact all our cleaning products as well as our laundry service are green certificated.