Activities and Tours

Here at Jhomana we can help you to book almost any tour you like. Here in under you will see some of them. All tours, day tours, half day tours, the Galapagos Islands, the Amazonas etc are paid and booked at Jhomana. This gives you time to concentrate on enjoying your visit in Quito instead of running around on the streets looking for tours. All day tours start from Jhomana, so you can just sit down in our cafeteria and relex and wait for the guide to arrive. We work with just a few selected tour operators in order to offer our guests only the best tours, guides and price.

Very often we are able to give you a better price than you will find on the streets, specially on Amazonas and Galapagos tours. Ask us, before you buy else where, we might be able to save you money, otherwise we can confirm that you are getting a good deal and that the agency is trustworthy.

We wish you good luck with yours tours, let us help you to be very satisfied with them and to make them a life long memory.

Anacondas, caimans and pink dolphins

There are basicly three regions you can choose from when you want to go to the Ecuadorian Amazon, Coca, Tena and Cuyabeno. All of them have their own specially
beauty. In some lodges you can come and go whenever you like and some others you have to visit Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday. Primary rainforest and boasts an incredible variety of wildlife including river dolphins, tapirs, capybaras, caiman, anacondas, ocelots, and monkeys and piranha fish.

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Swim with sealions, dophins and sharks.

What makes your visit here truly exceptional are the many opportunities for close up encounters with wildlife. The islands and surrounding waters are quite literally teaming
with exotic and colorful creatures that have never learned to fear humans. Without a doubt, the Galapagos Islands are one of the natural wonders of the world, a unique haven of amazing wildlife unlike any other. We work directly with just 5-6 of the best boats in different categories. This way we have a very good relationship and we can offer our guests the best prices and last-minute deals. We offer island cruises/expeditons ranging from 4 to 8 days.

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COTOBIKES – We drive you up the volcano Cotopaxi and you cycle down.

Some riders just need more, this is why one of the most popular adventures we have is downhill biking. As adventures get longer and trails more remote, many riders see increased value in reliability and downhill control, this is why everyday our bikes are being cleaned and maintained by our specialized professional biking team. We offer different professional levels of bikes and sizes. We also offer longer and shorter bike tours through the beautiful humid forest or down the volcanos. There are tours for both beginners and advanced bikers.

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CLIMBING – Advanced and beginners.

We offer climbing for very andvanced climbers but also for beginners. We give climbing lessons and we have special acclimatization packages for whose who want. You can also

hike in the montains. Those tours are day tours. You can choose from e.g. these mountains to climb:

– Volcano Ilinizas sur (south)
– Volcano Ilinizas norte (north)
– El Corazon
– Volcano Cotopaxi
– Volcano Chimborazo

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HORSEBACK RINDING – A beautiful way to experience Ecuador.

On these tours you can choose from longer or shorter tours and from and between beginners or advanced All tours begin with a traning session which will allow you to become accustomed to our trained, thoroughbred horses and pick up basic riding tips.

The tours include guide, lunch and equipment.

– Horseback riding, 2 or 4 hours or full day.
– 2 day horseback riding, beginner tour.
– 2 day anvanced tour.
– 3 day tour in the Cotopaxi national park.

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There many beautful places to do hiking or trekking in Ecuador. You walk in the Andeas with beautiful wievs towards the snow covered volcanos. These tours a full days tours so you will get a good exercise.

Many of our guest use trekking to prepare for the ”Cotoclimb”, i.e. to climb the higest

active volcano in the world, Cotopaxi. We offer e.g. these tours:

Volcano Ilinizas, Volcano Corazon, Volcano Pasochoa and Condor Trek 3 – 7 days Antisana Cotopaxi and others.

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COMPLETE ORGANIZED TOURS – We help you to make your own package.

Ecuador has much to offer visitors: very diverse climatic zones spread over a relatively small area and easily accessible from Quito, diverse indigenous populations, historic city centers and very good safety conditions. For those wishing to see many sides of Ecuador, organized tours are perfect. We offer you a wide range of alternatives. We will work with you to design an itinerary that suits your needs so you can experience Ecuador the way you want! Our trips offer as much variety as they do fun!

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