About Us

Jhomana Guesthouse was founded in 2001 by Patrick and Natalia a Swedish/Ecuadorian couple. Jhomana offer more than just accommodation. We can e.g. help you to arrange day tours that leaves almost daily from Jhomana. If you like we can also set up weekly programs for your stay in Quito and also book tours outside Quito, such as the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon basin. Normally with very competitive last minute prices, often the best prise on the market. We also offer inhouse Spanish and Ecuadorian cultural classes. You will learn about Ecuador, the history and its customs and at the same you learn some basic Spanish that will make your stay more enjoyable. Our Spanish teacher provides a very flexible schedule so that you still can join the day tours you want do.

Jhomana Guesthuse offer hotel quality services in a warm environment that makes you feel just as like you are at home. We just love to hear our guest say ”It feel so good to be back home” when they come to us after a short trip somewhere. Our aim is to be your friend here in Quito and to give you the best service Quito can offer.

In 2011 we were part of the first gruop of companies that recieved the award ”Destintivo Q” which is a quality award given to establishments within the tourism and restaurant industry in Quito. Since then we have renewed the award yearly. We have also recieved the award ”Quality Ecuador” from the Ministry of tourism. In order to recive the awards ”Destintivo Q” and ”Quality Ecaudor” you need to accomplish various tasks and also have all your papers and permits in order. You need to treat the staff, providers and the nature fair, recycle, use environment friendly cleaning products etc. We been ”TRipadvisor Green Leaders” or some years now. For us it was easy to accomplish all that, because we have always done it, but now we also got recognition for it.

Jhomana is situated right in the middle of ”La Mariscal”, the most touristic area of Quito, but yet in a quiet area with the police station next door. You will have walking distance to everything you need including all the fun that Quito offer by night. This is the reason why our slogan is:

”Jhomana Guesthouse, your peaceful home in the middle of everything!”


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